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Package CPU Ram Disk Bandwith Price Panel
Package nameHM-CLOUD1 CPU2 Core Ram2 GB Disk40 GB SSD Bandwith20 TB PriceRs. 1999 monthlyRs. 23988 yearly PanelcPanel/WHM Order Now
Package nameHM-CLOUD2 CPU3 Core RAM4 GB Disk80 GB SSD Bandwith20 TB PriceRs. 2299 monthlyRs. 27588 yearly PanelcPanel/WHM Order Now
Package nameHM-CLOUD3 CPU4 Core RAM8 GB Disk160 GB SSD Bandwith20 TB PriceRs. 2899 monthlyRs. 34788 yearly PanelcPanel/WHM Order Now
Package nameHM-CLOUD4 CPU4 Core RAM16 GB Disk160 GB SSD Bandwith20 TB PriceRs. 3599 monthlyRs. 43188 yearly PanelcPanel/WHM Order Now
Package nameHM-CLOUD5 CPU8 Core RAM16 GB Disk240 GB SSD Bandwith20 TB PriceRs. 4999 monthlyRs. 59988 yearly PanelcPanel/WHM Order Now
Package nameHM-CLOUD6 CPU8 Core RAM32 GB Disk240 GB SSD Bandwith20 TB PriceRs. 6999 monthlyRs. 83988 yearly PanelcPanel/WHM Order Now
Package nameHM-CLOUD7 CPU16 Core RAM32 GB Disk360 GB SSD Bandwith20 TB PriceRs. 9999 monthlyRs. 119988 yearly PanelcPanel/WHM Order Now
Easy Steps

Features that brings maximum power to your website.

Instant Activation

Your server will be provisioned to you within a few minutes after your purchase. All the server wide hardening will be done from our Engineer side and we will make sure it is activated and provided to our customers in a short span of time.

99.99% Server Uptime

We assure 99.9% uptime gurantee for all our VPS excluding the scheduled server maintaninence that will be informed prior to our customers through email.

Multiple Data Centers

We have partnered with Multiple Data Center to give our customers the best of experience with the locality they are looking for. You can choose the DC based on your requirement and we will provision accordingly.

Daily Data Backup

By defauly, all our VPS will be setup with free daily backup with a retain period of 7 days. In case of any issues, customers can contact us to restore the data from their backup.


Trusted by over 5,000 happy customers worldwide


You will be given a full root access for the VPS that you purchase which helps you to install customer applications/software based on your need and opene/close port numbers on the server to tighten the server security.


A dedicated IP address will be assigned for your VPS that may help you to have authenticity for your domain name and can rest assure that spamming is avoided using this IP address by any other users as this is fully dedicated to you.


Your VPS will be monitored 24/7 by our Engineering Experts to make sure it is online 24/7 and secured from the malware or virus. In case of any issues or maintainence, you will be notified prior via ticket from our end.
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Any Questions?

How do I get started with VPS?

Choose the right plan of your choice from the above mentioned packages and proceed with the payment, within the next few minutes you will receive your server root access that is fully customizable.

What is difference for each plan?

RAM, CPU & Storage are the main differences of each plan. Based on your application or website needs, you can choose the right plan or you can always check with our support engineer and they will direct you to the right plan

How can I check IP address given is not blacklisted?

We ensure that you are provisioned with a blacklist free IPs for your VPS before proving the access to you. We used to scan our IPs regularly and ensure any IPs that are blacklisted..

Is cPanel & WHM included?

Yes, all our plans mentioned above are inclusive of cPanel & WHM license and there is no additional cost for the same.

Can I send bulk emails using this VPS?

Our VPS is not designed to send bulk or huge marketing emails. We always recommend our customers to use thirdparty bulk email providers like Mailchimp or Sendgrid to do so.

Is backup inclusive?

Yes. By defauly all the cPanel accounts will be backed up on daily basis and retention perioed will be 5 days for those backup. The backups will be stored on the VPS storage itself. If customers need additional storage for backup purpose or any other purpose, you need to contact our support Engineer.

24/7 WhatsApp Support

Contact US Anytime Through WhatsApp for support & new enquiries.

contact us Refund Policy

*Refund process will take maximum of 7 to 10 working days to reflect the amount