Testing Services

No race is won without crossing the finishing line
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Testing Services

HostMinute offers a myriad of independent software QA and testing services. We adhere to the highest levels of security and independent standards, so safety assured! Our testing labs plus vast QA expertise will ensure an increase in the quality of your product which means reduce management risks, time-to-market, and operating costs.

Functional Testing

Functionality Testing forms the heart of checking every application or software that you use to create a connection with users. In addition, it also involves other key aspects like basic usability, accessibility, and much more. We can go on and on but results are the real decider!

  • Unit Testing & System Testing
  • Software Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Automated Testing

The world is moving towards automation! Why lag behind with testing? We deliver top-class automation testing services for various software & application test projects. Our end-to-end automation testing services include

  • Comprehensive Automation Solutions
  • Rapid Testing For Accurate Results
  • Automate Testing (Mobile, Regression, & Functional)

Security Testing

Security is one critical factor that pits your software against defined specifications and meeting the end-user expectations. What else? We make sure it is in place and clear the way for your software.

  • Authentication Testing.
  • Business Logic Testing
  • Authorization Testing

Performance Testing

We trace the defects early on and make sure it is nipped in the bud so that your applications can perform seamlessly without any hassles with respect to performance and reliability.

  • Test Environments & Test Data Services
  • Business Performance Assurance
  • Cloud Channel Testing

Accessibility Testing

We are completely aware of the accessibility to the differently-abled users and strictly follow Section 508 & WCAG guidelines.

  • Visual Testing (Blind, Color Blind, Visually Impaired)
  • Auditory Testing (Deaf, Hard-to-Hear)
  • Cognitive, Mobility & Dexterity Testing

Mobile Testing

Mobile compatibility of applications and their functionality in various platforms showcase how good your software is and we ensure it is spot on! Our mobile testing includes services like:

  • Mobile & Cloud Testing Services
  • Mobile Penetration & Security Testing Services
  • Localization & Automation Testing Services

Good technology is backed by the right technology

Our testing services are anchored by the best tools & software setups in the industry.

Our Managed Testing Process

A product and application needs quality throughout its lifecycle and nobody can predict how and when? Our testing services pitch in at any stage of your project, at an enterprise or programing level. Depending on your needs, we are capable of identifying existing flaws through our comprehensive QA and testing packages.

Identification & Preparation

  • Current issues
  • Scope identification
  • Readiness scan
  • KPIs and SLAs
  • Test processes
  • Test environments


  • Core team setup
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Test environment & test tools setup
  • Test cases development
  • Test planning

Operation & Exit

  • Test execution
  • KPI management
  • Test data and results analysis
  • Defects management
  • Knowledge & Artefacts transfer
  • Team exit

Experience Is A Gateway To Success

The fun of being a part of cool projects has given the oomph to keep raising the bar every time something new hits us. Every business is critical, customer-centric, and requires tailor-made solutions and hence we propose a 360° solution to clients.


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