Almost every Business professional requires a website in this era. This applies to small/medium/large businesses as well. They are almost completely dependent on online platform. Keeping this in idea, we at HostMinute has built an excellent server platform for the users where they can host their website or applications with utmost security. All our servers are monitored 24/7 by our Technical Engineers to make sure there is no threat on our servers. When it comes to the support, undoubtedly we stand tall when compared to all other web hosting providers.

Since Internet has become the fourth basic need of everyone after food, shelter and clothing, we are striving to ensure the services & support from HostMinute is top notch always. Despite having multiple competitors in this field, we are proud & previliged about the fact that, customers who registered with HostMinute never looked up for another prodiver nor switched their services. Our promise to the beloved customers that we maintain the same service and support in all the coming years and beyond!

Team HostMinute

  1. Balamanikandan Pitchaikani From May 2018 Chief Executive Officer
    Phenomenol experience in managing servers under Linux Platforms especially. Have collabrated with Multiple Teams & Projects with a success rate of 100%. One of the founders of HostMinute, always fond of latest technologies.
  2. Ilanthamilan C From May 2018 Chief Technology Officer
    One of founders of HostMinute, an AWS certified Architect. Responsible for designing the Architecture in both AWS & other cloud plaforms. Delivering projects on time has become his habit for a long time, moreover cool & informative.
  3. Arun Kumar N From May 2018 Chief Operating Officer
    Think Different - the coolest founder of HostMinute. Always welcoming and helpful to the team members. Responsible for the projects and operations are delivered on time.
  4. Specialized in Migrating solutions to different platforms. Have performed sever migrations and most of them without zero downtime. Well experienced, knowledgable and very friendly.
  5. Ram Kumar From Dec 2019 Lead Administrator
    Talented Lead, manages all the team members, co-ordinates and make sure the tasks are completed without any delay. Professional and very sincere!
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